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Shopping basket instructions

  1. You can not pay for the overseas shipping and domestic shipping items together, so please pay separately for each shopping basket.
  2. For items that can be shipped abroad, you can put them in the domestic shipping cart and then move to the overseas shipping cart to pay.
  3. To change the quantity of the selected product, press [Change] button after changing the quantity.
  4. You can continue shopping by clicking the Continue Shopping button.
  5. You can order only what you want or register as a product of interest using the shopping cart and items of interest.
  6. The file attachment option will be replaced with the last file uploaded when the same product is added to the cart.

No interest installment Information

  1. To receive interest-free financing by product, simply select an interest-free installment plan and click the [Order] button to order / pay.
  2. If you press the [Order Full] button, all selected items will be ordered / paid regardless of the shopping cart.
  3. However, if you order / pay for the entire product, you can not receive an interest-free installment plan for each product.

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